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‘Weaving’ Life Visible’

‘Each strand I weave contains an honest aspiration to distill essence from experiences that move me. Interactions with people & places, (philosophical) thoughts& feelings. Tracing my purposeful fascination for the mystery of this life I enjoy accumulating, digesting and expressing my wonder and my wonderous movements between heaven& earth into distilled abstracted fabrics of my inspiration. May it also inspire you! My work is available for sale and commissions. Feel free to contact me through the contact form or create(@)RuchamaHoed.com
Welcome to my <3
Love, Ruchama

‘AfterMyFavouriteTwin’ – 80øcm (Acquired by Bureau MyChapeau)

‘Sacre Coeur’ – 70øcm (Acquired by Studio PingPong)

‘Spaceous’ – 90øcm – (available)

‘Space of Encounter XIX’ – 90øcm – (Acquired by Studio PIni-Herman)

‘Hope Shines’ – 80øcm (Acquired by Studio Ebbe-Tielman)

‘On the Horizon’ – 70øcm – (Acquired by Studio Manifestae)

‘Color according to Goethe’ – 70øcm – (Acquired by Studio Bibliografico Pera)

‘Tying up Loose Ends’ – 60øcm (available)

‘Primaverno’ – 70øcm (available)

‘Yin&Yang’ 60øcm-  (available)

‘Tying up Loose Ends II’ 60 øcm –  (available)

‘Shades of …’ 80øcm- (available)

Commissioned by mrs. Heim-Putto

Commissioned for inauguration of a new Paglierani house in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


Greenlordd’s comment on Youtube:
This is totally amazing !!! In an artistic point of view as well as a spiritual perspective. I could do a thesis only on your video! This is the journey of a whole human life. To me it represents the acceptance of life and death and the symbiosis of the gate between good and evil. i could extrapolate a lot more on this amazing video but unfortunately characters are counting down. Keep up, you’re amazing !


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Ruchama Hoed
Gesture Conference 2016 Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris FRWall Diamonds exhibition 14 works, 6 antiquarian galleries,Lucca (IT)
Arte al Feminile ”la Città Visibile,
Group exhibition, Grosseto (IT)
‘Particles of Universe’
(ongoing sculptural developments)
‘Transparent Restaurant’ project, Lucca (IT)

‘The Art of Grasping’ Poster performance at the Intl. Symposium Gesture Studies, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris

Golden Space of Encounter‘Golden Space of Encounter’ 80 cm ø acquired by Esparc Salon, Amsterdam
‘Sacre Coeur’ 60 cm ø Acquired by Duo Ping Pong Salon, Amsterdam
‘Perspectives’ 45 x 75 cm, Salon San Gennaro (LU), IT
‘Tramonto Porto Venere’ 80 cm ø Salon San Gennaro, (LU), IT
‘Rubinio’ 70 cm ø handwoven artwork for Robin Piets, Amsterdam

'Italian Diamond' (2015)Group expo Folkestone Triennial 2014 – 4 works@ Cursley & Bond Gallery, Folkestone, UK
Performance’Rainbow the knitting mermaid’, Folkestone Triennial ’14
‘Italian Diamond’ (90×90 cm) Salon San Gennaro, (LU), IT
Weaving Masterclass (6wk)- Antiche Tessiture Luccese, Lucia Nesi Giardina, deepening craft& skill


Folkestone Triennial exhibition @ Cursley& Bond (2014)
‘ Space of Encounter – II
‘ Solo exhibition @ Coco’s exhibition Space, Amsterdam
‘ Space of Encounter – I’
Solo Exhibition @ Funen Art Gallery, Amsterdam
‘Golden- Space of Encounter’ Ongoing exhibition @ ESPARC jewellery Gallery, Amsterdam

'Pipi = You & Me Being Free' ‘Elements of Surprise’
2 woven works in Group exhibition, Core Gallery London, UK
‘Pipi = You & Me Being Free’ Artwork ode for the young people of ‘Doenersdreef Zorg’ Almere
‘Space of Encounter’ LL (satin handwoven on wood ø 90 cm) Alessandro Beauty Salon, London
‘Spaces of Encounter’ sitespecific Art installation for IJ-Salon– Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ Amsterdam
‘cCOLOURolours mMAKEake tTHEhe wWORLDorld gGOo ‘rROUNDound’ (12 woven pieces)
Site specific textile installation for interior of office building ‘Doenersdreef Zorg’ Almere
‘You=Me’ / Yin-Yang pearls (satin, steel & wood 70cm) commissioned by E.J. Hertogs, Amsterdam
‘The Road Always Leads Back To You’ Mixed media portrait for my mother (50x80cm) (paper, thread, crystals)
‘Shadow Embroidery’ performance, Platform WonderTree exhibition,  Hogeschool Leiden

'Peace Wall' interactive embroidery installationongoing ‘Poëtic interventions in daily life’ Objects, creative intervention, styling, performance
‘write-me-a-love-song’ project
‘Tenderness journal’
Embroidery wonderWall- interactive embroidery installation, Amsterdam
Platform Wonder Tree
*’Peace Festival’ centre Lothlorien, Foulain, FR,
‘Meditazioni a Micaloni’, Cork, embroidery and macramée techniques.
What do you dream, Love? interactive embroidery installation ‘Openluchthotel’ Fields of Wonder

Birds.test.screen' embroidery

Wonder Tree ‘SuperNatural’ expo in ‘Firma van 3’Galerie, Gouda
‘Shadow-embroidery’ performance
‘If you think…think again…’ weaving on vintage lace
‘Birds-Test screen’ embroidery I & II
‘Portraits of One-Self’ textile mosaic mural

'Shadow dance' video performance
‘Gain Simplicity’ installation Advent Wonder Tree St. OpenMakers Leiden
‘Shadow embroidery’ interactive performance
‘Miniature Knitting Meditation’ workshop
‘Nice to meet Two’ installation
‘Me & my shadow dance’
video-performance group expo ‘Wonder Tree’

'Kick Art Salon'Mosaic Mural by Ruchama Hoed

‘Portraits-of-One-SelfIV’ mandala installation Group expo, Amsterdam
‘Portraits-of-One-Self III’ mandala installation, permanent expo, London
‘Love(b)All- from single thread to double thread’ sculpture‘Quinta do Mogador’, Sintra, PT
‘Pas-de-Chapeaux’ i.c.w. Danny Molenaar, Parade& dance performance

Winner ChapeauChapeau concours 2010

performance. Concept, hat-design & performance
‘Best Chapeau Award 2010’ hat designer Jimmy Woo ‘Chapeau Chapeau’, Amsterdam Fashion Week
DesignWeek Sofia ‘Do a plastic bag’ i.s.m. KesselsKramer, Sofia,BG
‘Pas-de-Paix’ dance-performance i.c.w. Danny Molenaar for ‘Masterpeace’launch
‘MadHoed’ hat Esconditedite ‘Madhatter’ hat-exhibition, Kinepolis Cinema, Madrid, ES

Ruchama's-eye for screenprintDODO – Dansgroep ‘SYFY project’, dancer/performer for LevendLijf, Utrecht/Amsterdam
GWA – Grafisch Werkcentrum, Amsterdam, screenprinting workshops
Textiles (screen)Printing, design & techniques, Morley College, Textile Foundation course London


'Pas-de-Chrystal' video performance with Danny Molenaar
‘Pas-de-Crystal’ dance/performance-video i.c.w. Danny Molenaar
‘Globalise Love’ – Meditations on repair of a globe& hat repair-design, Platform 21, Amsterdam
Justin Sweets & Caramel Miranda’ cake decorating performance London
Sugar craft performance, concept and execution i.c.w. Shane Waltener
‘Hoed-performance’ poetic intervention in daily life i.c.w. Jeroen Aarts, Royal Ascot Horse races.

'Mariage-Mandala' (2009) textile mosaic

‘Rainbow’ the knitting mermaid’ performance, South Bank, ThamesWalk, London, Brighton
‘Jester Hat’ -designer, The Art of Contemporary Millinery’ exhibition by the HAT-magazine, London Menier Chocolate factory


‘Besame Mucho’ mandala mosaic installation, commissioned by  Roser Malet, Barcelona
‘Kick Art Salon’ London (Experimental Artists Salon),  London
‘Portraits of One-Self II’ mandala wall mosaic & video installation
‘YAmorYAmour’ commissioned by Chris Tielman, Lisse
Concept & creation of woven wall sculpture

'OHMmmm' (3:00) Top -video performance

‘OHMmm’ video-performance installation
‘Portraits of One-Self I’ mandala textile installation Goldsmiths Textiles Degree Show, London
‘Caramel Miranda & Justin Sweets’ Cake-decorating performance i.c.w. Shane Waltener. Space Station 65 Gallery, London, curated by Marc McGowan
‘I Like it A lot’ en ‘Mask Drops’, Performance-video installations. ‘Wonderful Wellbeing’, exhibition, Together Gallery, London
‘I Like it A lot’ en ‘Mask Drops’, Performance-video installations. ‘LadyFest’ exhibition, Goldsmiths University Gallery, London

About Ruchama

‘Art is a Space of Encounter for People to Experience their Own Poetic Soul’

Ruchama Hoed

Many ‘threads’ have crossed as a result of my desire to connect my purposeful ‘dots’. My search for meaning always invites me forward, personally, professionally& internationally.

In 2008 I graduated from the Goldsmiths College’ Visual Art Textiles dept. in London, bringing my background in Theater, Contemporary Dance, Humanistics & Hat making, full circle with the universe of possibilities that is Textiles.

Questions such as ‘how do I ‘weave’ meaning into this unique existence? What enlightens me, you, us? What enlivens us?’ drive me to explore the monumentality of nature & the mystery of existence, as my reason for making art. As existentialist Gabriel Marcel interprets the metaphysical reach of human freedom in terms of the capacity and responsibility of individuals to make themselves “available” to the mystery of their participation in creation, I am ‘responding to the appeal of the great “Thou”. Intertwining the beauty of connecting people, places, cultures, thoughts, emotions and inspiration… as a way to express myself & remember our essence. I love Celebrating the Multifaceted Mystery of Existence that Lights Us up from Within.

And so I weave ways to capture life’s movement through me, I dedicate time to distill my inspiration into the abstraction of Essence in form and as I AM …

I enjoy weaving my life visible! May you Enjoy my journey too …

Feel free to contact me! *

Ruchama <3

Weaving silk in Torre Guinigi

Weaving silk in Torre Guinigi

making life visible...

making life visible…


Silk Flower woven by Ruchama Hoed

Ru weaving in Friesland

Ru weaving in Friesland

Ru & CastleLoom in Tuscany

Ru & CastleLoom in Tuscany

I Weave Your Name on the Loom of My Mind

I weave your name on the loom of my mind,
To make my garment when you come to me.
My loom has ten thousand threads
To make my garment when you come to me.
The sun and moon watch while I weave your name;
The sun and moon hear while I count your name.
These are the wages I get by day and night
To deposit in the lotus bank of my heart.

I weave your name on the loom of my mind
To clean and soften ten thousand threads
And to comb the twists and knots of my thoughts.
No more shall I weave a garment of pain.
For you have come to me, drawn by my weaving,
Ceaselessly weaving your name on the loom of my mind.

— Kabir