Unique handwoven artworks in Varying measureuments ranging from 60 -90cm. ø

1) Magdalene Rising (80cmø)*
2) Portal of Origin (90 cm ø) *
3) Di’Amante (80cmø)*
4) HeartSong (90cmø)
Bought by private collector
5) Rising in Love (60cmø)*

All works are unique and  made with love *Please inquire via email or telephone for pricing & possibilities!

*Ruchama Hoed

  1. CentrePoint (80cmø) *
    2. HeartMatters (90cmø)*
    3. Sacré Cœur (60cmø) (Bought by private collector)
    Diptyque Yin&Yang
    4.Yin (80cmø)
    5.Yang (80cmø)

    *Please inquire for pricing & possibilities via email connect. All works are unique and  made with love!

    *Ruchama Hoed

Bespoke commissions for private clients

    1. TEMPIO INTERIORE (80cmØ) Filippo Paglierani (Cesenatico, IT)
      2. INFINITE HARBOURS (90cmØ) Andra Leurdijk , (Amsterdam)  (ForAllMedia)
      3. ALTO CONTINUO (90cmØ) Hanneke Heim-Putto (Den Bosch)
      4. ILOVETO (60cmØ) Myrna Hoed (Amsterdam)
      5. ON THE HORIZON (70cmØ) Micha Schneijderberg (Amsterdam)

Inner Diamond Projects

‘Inner Diamond’ proposal  sketch
heart of Amsterdam I & II

IJSALON -art installation
muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam