Wall diamonds

One of a kind handwoven artworks:

1) Magdalene Rising (80cmø)* €5555
2) Portal of Origin (90 cm ø)*
(Bought by private collector)
3) Di’Amante (80cmø)* €5555 (ex)
4) HeartSong (90cmø)
(Bought by private collector)
5) Rising in Love (60cmø)* €4444 (ex)

  1. CentrePoint (80cmø)* €5555*
    2. HeartMatters (90cmø)* €5555
    3. Sacré Cœur (60cmø) (Bought by private collector)
    Diptyque Yin&Yang: €11.111
    4. Yin (80cmø)
    5. Yang (80cmø)

Bespoke commissions for private clients

    1. TEMPIO INTERIORE (80cmØ) F. Paglierani (Cesenatico, IT)
      2. INFINITE HARBOURS (90cmØ) A. Leurdijk, ForAllMedia (Amsterdam)  
      3. ALTO CONTINUO (90cmØ) H. Heim-Putto (Den Bosch)
      4. ILOVETO (60cmØ) M. Hoed (Amsterdam, NL)
      5. ON THE HORIZON (70cmØ) (Bought by private collector (Amsterdam)
inner diamonds

Projects, propositions & playfulness

‘Inner Diamond’ proposal  Amsterdam Light Festival 2017
heart of Amsterdam I & II

IJSALON 2012 -art installation
muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam 

‘Project Pavillion Pegasus’ 2021 in collaboration with Studio Monica Deri architetti associati, Pisa, IT

Tailormade projects

‘YOU ARE THE DIAMOND’ designed by Ruchama Hoed
*This handwoven interactive lightbody was designed to celebrate the luminescent nature of existence and offers people a space of encounter to meet their own poetic soul. * (Amsterdam Light Festival – 2017-)

Particle of Universe

Applied Art for Architecture & Interior design

Together we create unique and extraordinary architectural interventions and tailormade projects in response to your requests. I apply my artistic vision and creative approach through weaving in conjunct with your interior/ architectural projects.

Expanding on ideas of what is possible aesthetically, practically and certainly beyond the ordinary!

Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 12.41.38

Weaving Portraits

Own your Selfie or honor a dear person in your life with a unique and custom made artwork

Image: Hamza (ZEZE Marketing) with his custommade portrait